Form 700

Ventura County Schools Self-Funding Authority's Conflict of Interest Code requires that each designated officer appointed to VCSSFA or VCSSFA employee  shall file a Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700), disclosing that person's interests in investments, real property, and income designated as reportable under the category to which the person's position is assigned on Exhibits A and B of VCSSFA's code.

The filing of the Form 700 is applicable only to VCSSFA Board Representatives and Alternates of VCSSFA.

The County of Ventura, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, utilizes an Electronic Filing program, eDisclosure developed by South Tech Systems.

Using eDisclosure filers will be able to complete and submit their Form 700 through a secured web-based application. The application will assist filers in the completion of the form to ensure that it is complete and accurate. In addition, filers will have the opportunity to submit their Assuming, Leaving and Annual Form 700 electronically.

Filers wll also have the option of filing their Form 700 by paper. After completing the form using eDisclosure, filers can print and mail the form to the VCSSFA office. The Form 700 can be downloaded here.

The URL to access the eDisclosure web-based application from any computer is:

Listed below is VCSSFA's Conflict of Interest Code as well as informational documents and reference pamphlets from the Fair Policitical Practices Commission (FPPC).

VCSSFA's Conflict of Interest Code

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

2017/18 Statement of Economic Interest - Form 700 Handbook

FAQ - Form 700 Disclosure

Limitations and Restrictions on Gifts, Honoraria, Travel and Loans

Guidelines for Waiving Late Fees

If you need assistance in determining your disclosure requirements, the FPPC is available to assist you with completing the Form 700. Information is available from their website or you contact them directly at (866) 275-3772 or by emailing